What do all bettors in the world have in common?

They all want to win!

That’s why they’re interested in any information about the game they intend to bet on! Who is injured? What state the team is in? Who has a greater hunger for victory? However, there is one thing they are interested in more than anything else. The odds! How much is the return on their investment? Who is offering more?

Any help in this search for information is welcome, especially if it’s free.

Our applications for the comparison of the odds, offer bettors all the necessary information about football, basketball and tennis. Odds improvement, safe bets, who is offering a better winning chance - any change in quotas is monitored on our websites in real-time 24 hours a day!

On our site visitors can see an overview of all the important statistics for the major leagues, predicting the outcome of the match using percentages in relation to the quotas and share relevant information with other members in the community section.

What makes our applications for the comparison of the odds different from all the others:

  • A large number of visits
  • Unique betting tool that we developed for the needs of the system
  • Caching
  • Query optimization
  • A large number of search queries
  • Statistics of all the major leagues
  • Quotas for all Cup matches
  • Odds Comparison
  • Backend for complete application control
  • Predicting the outcome of the match using percentages in relation to the quotas
  • Widget
  • Texts about the matches
  • Community section with quotes and comments, at the request of the client
  • SEO