Yacht Invoicing Software is a powerful and valuable program designed for companies that serve cruise ships and private yachts in order to computerize and facilitate business.

In order to function normally these hotels on water need to worry about everything from the most basic maintenance, gasoline, parking, baggage handling to food procurement. In addition, each service has its price and procedures that often include stacks of paper.

Yacht Invoicing Software, on top of completely covering warehouse management, customer management, cooperation with companies and individuals, performs complex assessments, generates proposals, reports, automatically sends statements, manages items with different fees, cash and credit card payments…

Using this program you can totally relax- your business is in safe hands, as powerful Code Igniter Framework of this software never fails.

These are some of the many functions of Yacht Invoicing Software:

  • Creating accounts for yachts
  • Revenue Collection Monitoring
  • Debt monitoringv
  • Creating and tracking orders of maintenance workers
  • Statistics
  • Informing clients about previous and current debt
  • Possession of statistics that helps managers see how the business is progressing.